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4/9/15 06:40 pm - Being married

Is really hard.
Why do people even do it?

3/13/15 01:55 pm - Yuck

I'm having a really hard time at work
Our work week goes from Monday to Sunday
Last week I worked 50 hours
and was here in the office until 7pm on Sunday
I worked 11 hour days Monday Tuesday and Wednesday this week because I was taking Thursday off to care for Josh after his minor surgery
I ended up having to answer emails from home from noon to 9pm yesterday

and now I find out I have to work ALL Saturday
mandatory overtime

I'm trying not to cry at work

1/2/15 07:44 pm - Post post post like a baby stoat

Hello Livejournal Peoplefaces!

I'm typing this while watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix at work because it isn't super busy and I have to fill the next 20 minutes with EXCITEMENT!

Let's talk about the dream I had last night. I dreamt last night that I had a baby and named it Spoorf.
And I cried and cried because no one knew the beauty of the name Spoorf and kept making fun of me. They are so mean!

I also dreamt I was going to a movie theater where you had to fight each other for a place to sit and Jim Carrey kept trying to sit on my lap. He yelled at me and I yelled at him and I got kicked out of the theater but I at least got my money back.

10/6/14 07:55 pm - Working and limping

Almost a month out exactly from my knee surgery on 9/2 and I'm limping around with a cane. Somedays I'm glad I had it fixed and other days I curse the pain and the swelling. At least my scars aren't too hideous.

Still working 90 hour work weeks but the bulk of our events will end first week of November and then I can rest. Few more weeks to push through!

8/28/14 06:43 pm - Guess Who

Guess why!
Stressed out!
Guess what!
Knee Surgery in a few days!
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